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What should someone expect when he submits a comment? Most likely that his comment will be published, and that his email address will stay confidential. Some times you will want to state those expectation explicitly to the commenter, and sometimes you will want to do thing that might be less expected like automatically adding to a newsletter or sending to him notifications about other comments.

This plugin allows you to add some text before or after the comment form. You should probably keep it short, and if you need a longer text just create a page and link to it from the text.

In addition to controlling the location in which the text is displayed you can control who is displayed to, everybody or just logged out people.

Technical notes

The text is displayed in a div with a “comment-policy” class for easy styling via the theme’s CSS if needed.


In “Settings” >> “Discussion” you will find the “Comment policy notice” section in which you can set

  • Policy text – the text that will be displayed
  • Location – the location in which the text is displayed which can be
    • Above form area – Text will be displayed just above the form
    • Top of form area – Text will be displayed at the top of the form before any form fields
    • Bottom of form area – Text will be displayed at the bottom of the form area, usually it is below the submit/send button, but this depends on the styling of the form.
    • Below form area – Text will be displayed just below the form
  • Display to – What kind of users to show the notice to
    • Administrators (default) – This is really for debugging before making the notice go live. At this mode only administrators see it.
    • Everybody
    • Not logged in users – If you prefer not to bother your logged in users that are probably familiar with the policy
  • Priority – This is meant to be used only to try to resove plugin conflict as many plugin might attempt to add something below the form. The higher the priority you select the higher the notice supposed to be displayed relative to what the other plugins do.


WordPress 3.9 and above, both standalone and multisite/network

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