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This is a very simple plugin that allows you to insert a search form as part of your content by simply inserting a


shortcode at the line where you want it to appear. The resulting form will be wrapped in a “p” element.

The shortcode supports two attributes

  • title – The title (tolltip) displayed when a user hovers the search box
  • placeholder – The text displayed in the box when there is no input

General Compatibility

Was tested to work with all default themes and with wordpress versions 3.5 and above. Should work with all the themes that use the wordpress core search form, but should really work with any theme.

WordPress versions

3.5 and above

Network compatibility

Can be network activated or dropped into the mu-plugins directory


Supported in the code but no .po files are provided right now. i.e. you will have to do it yourself. OTOH there isn’t anything that is really worth translating.

Current version


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Hi Sean, The plugin just lets you place the “normal” search form anywhere in your content. Plugins that customize the search form should work with it (although how good the result will be will probably depend on the amount of modification they do and how flexible they are to not be in the sidebar bar), but as for search results this plugin should have zero impact about the results. If you have another plugin that enhances the search engine, this plugin will not cause any change in the search results it produces.
Specifically If advanced search just manipulates the result then it should be safe to use them together.

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