Send an email notification when the post author replies to a comment

This plugin sends an email notification to a commenter when the author of a post replies to the comment. This is useful when you do not want to have a system of a non discriminated  registration to follow comment as most such systems both requires extra work on the user’s part (checking a checkbox and sometimes follow email verification) and an implicit agreement to be flooded with unrelated comment notifications.

It is a perfect solution for sites like this one, where the expected comment conversation is between the commenters and the author and not between themselves.

To make the replying easier for the author, in addition to being able to reply from the admin interface, on the frontend an additional commenting level will be exposed only for the author of the post. In other words, when comment threading is set to 5 (WordPress default setting) The author will have a “reply” button available for him on the 5th level comments as well. The side effect is that the way the author will see the comment is slightly different then the rest as he will see the 6th level comment threaded from the one it replies to, while other will see it in its original place between the 5th level comments.


Under “Settings” >> “Discussion”, there is a section titles “Notify commenter when author replies” in which you can set a template for the email being sent using various place holder in which a dynamic data based on the original comment and the reply can be automatically inserted.

In addition you can set it into “admin only” mode in which the feature works only for posts written by admin. This can be used to set and debug it before applying it to all the authors.


WordPress version 3.9 and above, both standalone and multisite/network.

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