Support policy

Our believe is that it is a bad sign when a software requires a support contract. When your revenue depends on support contracts you have less incentive to produce a bug free software and more incentive to add needless features just to make it seem like the support was worth the money.

Support also drives prices up, because the human time required to give a proper response is expensive, and if the software was done right then most people do not need the support and basically pay for the few that do need it.

This is why the plugins here are well defined, with limited scope. This enables us to both properly test all possible usage scenarios for the plugin and be very explicit about what the plugin does and how.Before you get the plugin and install it on your own server you should ask for any required clarification and we will gladly answer and clarify the documentation when needed. We are less likely to answer question of the sort of “I installed theme X, and now the plugin do not work, help!”.

Our idea of support focuses on bug fixes. We guarantee to fix any bug, any deviation from how the plugin is supposed to behave, ASAP. If you still think that you need a more general support contract, just contact us.